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Helping Young Adults who Suffer from Anxiety & Depression find Immediate Relief in Just a Few Weeks

without the use of Pharmaceuticals


If you are the parent of a frustrated college student who needs guidance adjusting and acclimating into college life or transitioning into a new environment, then this is for you.

If your son or daughter suffers from anxiety or depression that prevents them from staying on track, keeping up with their grades, and stops them from living a balanced, healthy life while away from home, I can help.

I help guide this age group specifically with the questions and answers they seek as they adapt and evolve into the person they wish to become during these very significant and sensitive years.

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Trained in hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), and Reiki energy healing, and my extensive background in teaching, I will be using the most appropriate therapy and coaching, tailored to you, to help you achieve insight, breakthrough, and healing.

You will receive a personalized transformational audio recording after each Transformational Therapy session to assist you in removing limiting beliefs and blocks, wire in the new change that you want. Move ahead and manifest the life that you want with long-term all pervasive results.

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